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Ayurveda v/s Allopathy

Ayurveda v/s Allopathy



Ayurveda treats the entire body as a whole.
Allopathy treats the symptoms only.

Ayurveda is compiled from the naturally available plants and herbs.
Allopathy is compiled from chemicals naturally available and artificial ones.

Ayurveda brings permanent cure for the suffering by penetrating deep into the cells or organ causing ill health.
Allopathy brings spontaneous relief by acting over the superficial surface.

Ayurveda has cure to almost every disease invariably.
Allopathy Western medicine has cure to most of the diseases, while other life killing diseases are still under research to obtain the right medicine.

According to Ayurveda there cannot be less than the Cure in a medical science.
Allopathy is about the treatments and management, but never thinks about the cure & repair.