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Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments


The main goal of Ayurveda is prevention as well as promotion of the body's own capacity for maintenance and balance.

Ayurvedic medicine aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This balance is believed to lead to happiness and health, and to help prevent illness.

Ayurvedic medicine also treats specific physical and mental health problems.

Basically in Ayurveda there are three essential humors.
Vayu, Pitta and Kapha. Blood is added as fourth humor

Vayu:It controls the creation, growth, and disintegration of all living organisms.

Pitta:It is responsible for the creation of heat and all forms of radiant energy in the body. It is also responsible for the pumping action of heart, the skin's temperature, and the vitality of blood.

Kapha:Kapha supplies the placid and cooling principles to the body.
which cause disease if they become imbalanced.

The treatments may include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Breathing exercises
  • Diet changes
  • Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and metals
  • Plant-based oils and spices
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Yoga